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This week should be fairly mellow. I do not have any temporary jobs but will be working my bookkeeping job more than last month with the end of the year coming up. The place that I did the 7 week temp job recently is having a Christmas luncheon and invited me to attend so I’ll be going to that on Wednesday (I’m making bread to take as my contribution to the meal). We are also making cookies this week for Lulu’s choir performance.


B- Toast and eggs
D- Leftover smorgasbord

To do: Start broth (2 kinds- venison and chicken), start radish sprouts, make bucket bread

D- Chicken and dumplings

To do: Put beans to soak

D- Easy Black Beans and Yellow Rice, Sauteed Sweet Potatoes

To do: AM- Soak rice, make bread for luncheon tomorrow

D- Black Bean Soup (Nourishing Traditions), Winter Salad

To Do: make cookies for choir

D- Breakfast Tostados (scrambled eggs, black beans, shredded cheese and trimmings on tortillas)

To do: AM- start tortillas (I’m going to try making corn tortillas)

To do: Start oatmeal to soak

D- Beef Roast with potatoes, carrots and onion, sauteed greens, Challah

To do: make challah, buns, finish up Baked Oatmeal, mix up chili and put in crock pot,

B- Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal
L- Black Bean Chili
D- Meat Loaf Burgers on Buns, Oven Fried potatoes

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