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Off Grid Living December 2016 |

The word for December was cold! We had very few days above freezing and several below zero. One morning a neighbor told me their temperature gauge read negative 34. Friends, that is chilly.

Off Grid Living December 2016 |

The icicles hanging from the roof were amazing.  Unfortunately it also indicates we have an issue with our gutter doing its job so that’s something we need to fix before the spring rains start. Capturing as much water as we can from our roof is important. We use that water for our animals and irrigation.

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Off Grid Living December 2016 |

My men have been enjoying playing in the snow. Here’s the fort they built on one of our warmer mornings.

Off Grid Living December 2016 |

The wild rabbits don’t seem bothered by the cold. They are everywhere. We have 5 less today since we are adding them to our menu.

Off Grid Living December 2016 |

I’ve been experimenting with baking on the wood stove. Joe gave me this nice Dutch oven a few years ago. I finally took it out of the box and it makes a great little stove top oven.

Off Grid Living December 2016 |

My first baking attempt was sourdough cookies. They turned out great.

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Knowing how long things need to cook is my main challenge. It’s not like setting the oven at 350 for 15 minutes and then things are done. It’s more of a guessing game and keeping the fire hot.  In addition to the cookies I’ve done corn bread, brownies, biscuits and even a couple of loaves of bread. And for Christmas my sweet daughter gave me another cast iron set that included 2 smaller Dutch ovens. I’m going to try the smaller ones inside the wood stove using the coals.

With winter in full swing we’re concentrating on completing some inside tasks. Our little man’s bedroom is currently under construction. Joe’s working on finishing the closet and then taping and texturing the sheet rock on 2 walls (the other 2 walls are log) followed by painting. Then the door will go in. It will be so nice to have a finished room! And our little man is super excited about the first room being done belonging to him. I hope to share pictures in the January recap.

How was your December? I’d love to hear what happened at your place.


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