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Whew. Being away from home while doing GAPS Intro was a challenge. One I did not entirely fulfil. I did okay but not as good as I would have liked. Now I’m home and trying to get back on track but struggling a bit.

Yesterday I felt very tired (probably a combination of food issues and driving way to far in a short amount of time) and just blah. I did not want to eat any of the GAPS foods that I had been loving. I’m doing better today but still a little tired.

Joe did well while I was gone. I had pre-cooked meats and broth for him which worked out fine. I did take some pre-made foods with me but because of the circumstances/nature of the trip I ate in restaurants some. I did enjoy steak and eggs from breakfast each morning which I feel at least gave my day a good start.

With the struggle that I seem to be having adapting back to eating GAPS after a few days of not being strictly GAPS I wonder what that means? I find myself thinking that maybe my gut flora is even more messed up than I thought and the little bit of SAD food that I fed it is wreaking havoc in there. I had considered myself fairly healthy until the last few months (after eating real/whole/traditional foods for the past 2 years) and really thought I just needed a bit of a ‘tune up’ to be fine again. But now I don’t know…

For today, I’m focusing on eating. My lack of appetite yesterday was not good. My plan for today is to have something (even if it is just a cup of broth) every few hours.

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