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Yesterday was rough. My energy was horrible. My mood was icky and I was hungry much of the day. We did go for a walk at a park down the road and that was wonderful but about halfway through I was so hungry that I thought I was going to be sick. Funny thing was I wasn’t hungry at all and then suddenly starving. This is not something I have ever experienced before so it was quite surprising.
Our foods were good yesterday. We finished up most of the items made on Friday and Saturday night during the day along with a roast that I started in the crock pot early Sunday morning. Last night’s dinner was delicious. Sweet Onions and Meat Patties (both recipes from this ebook) and well cooked green beans. We have a good amount of broth on hand right now from the crock pot roast, an antelope chunk that I also crock potted yesterday and the broth left from cooking the Sweet Onions. In fact, fridge storage space is scarce at the moment with all of the broth and veggies in there!
I slept very well last night. None of the itching that I’d had the night before. I was not able to get a Detox Bath in last night too many others using the water for their own showers. With six people in the house there tends to be alot of staggering of water usage.
Woke up this morning feeling great! Lots of energy and feeling very calm. I have our first soup pot cooking for the day. One challenge that I have with this is the menu planning part. We are eating so much more than I expected that I’m having to wing it a bit just to make sure there is enough food. While the children are not doing GAPS they still are welcome to any of the meals that I prepare. Christopher (2 yo boy) eats with us each time. He loves having meat and asks for it. He still eats his P Bread and Rins too (sourdough bread with nut butter and raisins) and other ‘regular’ food items but I’m very pleased with his increase in broth and meats and even vegetables. The girls (14, 16 and 22) sometimes eat the foods I make plus add in anything else they choose to make on their own. Last night Lulu made a simple Pad Thai for them (rice noodles, Pad Thai sauce, scrambled eggs topped with chopped peanuts and lime). I’m happy that they are old enough to do that but have to admit that it was super hard not to ‘steal’ a noodle or two!
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