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Each month during the Someone Else’s Shoes experience I have a giveaway to coincide with that month’s experience. The first two weeks of June the experience was Real Food Hits the Road.  I fully intended to have a giveaway shortly after we returned home as the series was wrapped up. Little did I know at that time that our eating on the road experience was far from over! Funny how life works out some times.

About a week after returning home, we made a surprise trip down to Oklahoma.  We had about 18 hours to get ready to go as opposed to the months of planning for our vacation road trip.  The big difference with the Oklahoma trip was that we’d drive down and then be in one location (my parents house) and after ten days drive home.  I thought it would be fairly easy and straight-forward but going on the road so quick and then being in someone else’s kitchen really does offer it’s own challenges.  While it was much easier than being in hotel rooms we still did not have the supplies we were used to and did not have our normal food sources.

Five days after returning from Oklahoma, the children and I went to Oregon for eight days. I did very little planning for this trip and it really affected how well we were able to eat.  We did bring along a cooler stocked with food that lasted several days and was a huge help.

Between June 1st and July 21 we drove almost 8500 miles.  The number one thing that helped us with our real food on the road was our cooler. We would stock it up before leaving home and then stop by a store or road side stand and restock as needed making sure to keep an eye on our ice.  For our 2 week vacation, we packed two coolers and used both of them for most of the trip. The smaller cooler was perfect for our many picnic meals and would be restocked each morning with the ‘food for the day’.  When we went to Oklahoma we also took both coolers so we could fill the bigger one with frozen meats to eat while in Oklahoma. For the Oregon trip only the picnic cooler went along.

While our picnic cooler was well used on the road we also find it quite useful in our day to day life.  It is the perfect size for putting a days food in to go hiking or to the lake.  So the long postponed giveaway is finally ready to commence with this terrific cooler being the prize.

This cooler is a $49.99 value! Read more about this cooler here.  One nice thing about this cooler is it is supposed to be one of the higher end coolers and keeps things cold up to 20% longer.  Tip: Keep your cooler covered with a blanket or quilt as much as possible to add extra insulation to help the ice last longer.

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