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Last week was quite a week. Good but busy. I worked a temp job Monday to Thursday. Plus I started training discussions on a contract that I am taking over as part of my own business providing information updates. I’ll train with the person who currently has the contract at her house around her full/busy schedule. The contract will only be one part of the total business but it is quite exciting to have ‘something’ to start with from the beginning. I also had a lot going on with my bookkeeping job (I work for someone else on this job) since it was not only the end/beginning of the month -which is always busy- but the end/beginning of the year. We also had a small birthday celebration last week. Our youngest turned two on Thursday and our oldest baby turns 22 today (Happy Birthday Sierra!). On Wednesday we were able to get the entire family together for pizza. It was very fun. And I am very glad we did it on Wednesday since a snow storm came on Thursday.

We had about 8 inches of snow at our house but town seemed to get quite a bit more. And it was cold. Like negative 13 or 14 cold. And it was windy. It was so cold and windy that my Explorer would not start on Friday and then again until about mid day on Saturday. It did start on Sunday. I’m not sure that is a good thing.

I drove the Explorer in for my training and ended up in a snow drift. Joe had to come and dig me out. Unfortunately I think something broke while I was trying to get out of the drift because driving home a light came on that shouldn’t have and the car seemed like it was stuck in a low gear. I’m so not happy about this. We just bought the Explorer (used) in November so I would have something to drive over the winter while I do temp work. My car doesn’t drive in the snow. I have a temp job that I committed to that starts tomorrow so I’ll be trying to figure out how to make that work. Sharing a car with Joe is doable but not very cost effective. The truck he drives does awful on gas and with us living so far out we’d have to go in together and ride home together which would be great if we worked the same shift. This week we almost do but next week we won’t. Tomorrow I might ride in with Rico and then home with Joe. Hopefully Wednesday the roads will be clear enough that I can drive the car for the rest of the week. Maybe by the next week I can have the Explorer repaired, of course assuming the damage is not significant and it is worth repairing. Prayers for this are welcome.

This weeks menu will look a lot like last week’s menu. At Joe’s request I didn’t make my planned garbanzo beans last week (he was feeling a little under the weather) so they are back on this weeks menu. Except the bean patties. I use my food processor to make the bean patties, but I broke the processor (I am having quite a time with breaking things lately it seems). So nothing pureed until I can replace it. I’m trying a new recipe this week instead that I found on a website with a ton of bean recipes. Follow the link below on Tuesday if you would like to explore the bean recipe site. I love it.

Sierra left to go back to college yesterday, Kiki is still out of school this week, Joe is still working days, Lulu starts back to school (virtual) today. I’m trying something new this week. Michelle commented on the post I did at GNOWFGLINS that she eats the same thing for lunches all week. She cooks on the weekend and packages it into daily containers. Today I’m going to make Barley Soup and we’ll have it for lunches for the rest of the week. We’ll also have things like tuna, cheese, eggs and peanut butter available to add a sandwich to the soup.

D-Quick Pizza; homemade by Kiki and Lulu and very delicious

D-Garbanzo Bean Curry, Sourdough Flat bread, rice

Tuesday (I have a temp job starting this day from 1-4)
D-Espinacas Con Garbanzos, whatever quick cooking meat is near the top of the chest freezer to go along with this.

Wednesday (temp work W-F from 9-4)
D-Chick Pea Tacos with homemade soft corn tortillas


D-Minestrone Style Soup, Artisan Bread

D-Brisket (made in the crock pot), Scalloped potatoes (also crock pot), whatever other veggie I pick up, Challah, Sourdough Chocolate cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting (I use honey as the sweetener in this)

B- Baked Oatmeal (with shredded apples instead of pumpkin)
L- Crock Pot Risotto
D- To be determined

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