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White Beans 82812We’ve had a wonderful weekend visiting with my daughter that lives in Oregon and her fiance. The arrived mid-day on Saturday and left mid-day on Monday (which is part of the reason I’m late getting this menu together). I was able to meet Aaron, Sierra’s guy, last month when I was in Oregon but this was the first time for everyone else to meet him. We decided that he’s a keeper. 😉 The wedding is not until next June so we’ll hopefully have a few more times together before then.

This week will be fairly quiet. School is back in session after spring break last week so Joe is on his regular 10:30 to 7 shift and both girls are in school (Lulu in high school and Kiki in college). A few weeks ago Christopher (along with my help) started an online preschool program. We’re doing a one month free trial to see how it goes. Some days he likes it and can’t wait to do it but some days he doesn’t want to do it. Not doing it isn’t that big of a deal since he does lots of  ‘preschool style’ activities like working singing, reading, drawing and playing with building materials each day. We’ll see how the rest of the trial goes.


Sunday – Nachos

Monday – Rancher’s Pie (Shepard’s pie made with beef instead of lamb), sauteed cabbage

Tuesday – Spicy Duck Salad (something like this)

Wednesday – Antelope Stew

Thursday – Baked Cod Piccata, broccoli

Friday – White Bean and Bacon Soup

Saturday – Dips for dinner: Rosemary -Lemon White Bean Dip, Salmon Dip, Pimento Cheese with homemade bread and crackers


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