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Hello Friends!

I’m slightly delayed in putting up a recap of what happened at our place in October.  Joe and I took a couple of days off last week to go hunting which meant several busy days before and after.  In fact, we’re still playing catch-up!

Oh, but we had a wonderful time!

Our little guy spent the week with one of my older girls which made it possible for us to do many long hikes while hunting. I have to admit I’m a little sore from going up and down hills!

Joe has had a successful hunting season so far. In September he filled his antelope tag. In October he filled his buck deer tag. He filled his doe deer last week.  He still has a cow elk tag to fill. I have a general deer tag to fill.

In addition to hunting we’ve made some big advances on our house. We now have wood stove and arctic room! Both will be super nice for our cold Wyoming winters.

Off-Grid Living October 2016

The addition is just the shell.  The flooring should be installed in the next couple of weeks and then we’ll insulate and finish off the inside. Even just having the shell is wonderful. Once it’s done it will be a mud room and large pantry. The freezer that now lives in our guest room will move out there. I’m very excited about this additional space.

Off-Grid Living October 2016

We’re still finishing up our meat chickens. We have just a few left that are for our personal use. We fill the orders we had for chickens and are really pleased with our this first year up at our new place went for these birds. We’re discussing our plans for next year.

Off-Grid Living October 2016

We still have a few more things to do before winter hits. Skirting and insulating under the house and finishing up the stain and caulking are at the top of the list. The staining and caulking is a big job. We were happy to be able to hire a neighborhood boy to help.

Off-Grid Living October 2016

Once these necessary things are completed we’ll then be able to work on the fun stuff. Like installing the kitchen. Our off-grid cabin life includes an unfinished kitchen. 🙂 We’ve been cooking on a small stove (that’s an affiliate link and more follow), in the Sun Oven, on a large camp stove outside, on our little Webber, using the Instant Pot  and even on the wood stove on chilly days! It’s been fun but I am looking forward to a ‘real’ kitchen.


Hope your October was wonderful!


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