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I’m in the middle of a busy season.  A special project that I have been working on for my employer is coming to an important point.

On Monday and Tuesday we have a pre-audit of sorts.  My employer is in Oregon and I am in Wyoming. My part of the pre-audit is substantial and I anticipate spending all day on Monday (until late into the evening) and most of the day on Tuesday either on the phone or the computer (or both at the same time).  This will be a huge hurdle to get over once this pre-audit is completed. Then we’ll know where we stand for the ‘official’ audit. That will most likely happen in 3-4 months. I’ll need to go back to Oregon for the on-site part of that audit. I’m excited about that prospect since my oldest girl is living in Oregon again.

Wednesday will be devoted to my home business in order to get done everything needed to meet my obligations for the week.

Thursday I go into town for my home business and also to do our personal errands. Thursday afternoon I need to do all of the preparations needed to be gone for a long weekend.

Friday we are leaving home early to go up to Joe’s parent’s house for the weekend. We’re actually going to stop at the hot springs for a swim on the way which should be very fun.  The hard work early in the week will be a distant memory after a soak in the hot springs and the steam room.

In order to get a jump start on the week we did as much as possible on Sunday. These are things that have proven to be extremely beneficial in the past when I’ve worked outside the home. While it does take a chunk of time to do these things, it makes the week go so much smoother.

Clean the house

We usually set aside an hour for this. With 2 adults, 2 teens and a toddler (who is, of course, very helpful ;- )) we can get quite a bit done in one hour.

Plan the meals

Meal planning always makes my week go smoother.  I love knowing exactly what we are having on which night. I don’t usually plan breakfasts or lunches but if I’m feeling particularly short on time I will.  Easy is the motto for busy weeks.  The crock pot is my friend as are simple dishes. 


Prepare the basics

I like to ahead of time things I know we’ll need. This usually includes making a couple of loaves of bread, mayonnaise, yogurt, ferments and anything specific to my meal plan that can be made ahead. 

A few hours doing these things on Sunday afternoon really does make for a smoother week.

What have you found that best helps you with a busy week?


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