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I’m running behind on my menu plan this week. We spent the weekend up at our new property and I’ve had a busy day today. I finally decided that I’d better start thinking about our food for this week.

Last week I let you know that we are challenging ourselves not to shop in a ‘regular’ grocery store for the month of August. Instead, we’ll make our purchases from our local farmers, ranchers, farmers markets and Azure Standard. You can read what spurred this challenge and the ‘rules’ in this post.  At the end of this post I’ll share a little bit about how it is going so far.

Buttermilk Syrup


Menu Plan

Sunday- At with Joe’s family for late lunch, everyone was on their own for supper

Monday- Liver, potatoes, beet greens, sliced tomatoes, corn

Tuesday- Chicken (either cooked in the crock pot or Sun Oven depending on the amount of wind), beet greens, sliced tomatoes

Wednesday- Chicken Divan (made with leftover chicken) over brown rice, sauteed zucchini

Thursday- West African Beef, sauteed greens (whatever is ready in the garden)

Friday- Chicken and Dumplings

Saturday- Breakfast for dinner (probably eggs & waffles but maybe something else)

No Grocery Store Challenge 300 x214

No Grocery Store Challenge– First Few Days

We’re only a few days into this challenge and already I see a few holes. We only have one onion left. I’m not sure if there will be anyone at the farmers market selling onions but I’m hoping so (we have a farmers market on Tuesday and a second on Saturday). For reasons I can’t remember we did not plant onions in our garden this year. We use a lot of onions so that was not a smart thing.

We left have a quick lunch on Friday to go up to our new property. We don’t have a house there so we are essentially camping. We did build a small shed type structure to sleep. While we were there we worked on setting up our outdoor (camping) kitchen. At the moment the ‘kitchen’ consists of a 2 burner camp stove, a sink mounted in an old table, and a fire pit. I took along a small cooler of food and bin with a few more things. We had a great weekend and ate very well.

I’m only sharing the first three days of the challenge. I’d like to keep this on the same schedule as my menu plan which I share from Sunday to Saturday. I’ll do the recaps from Sunday through Saturday also but since the challenge didn’t start until Thursday this recap is short.

August 1
Breakfast- Toast (homemade sourdough) with peanut butter, blueberries and cherries that I’d brought back from Oregon and can’t believe they stayed good for so long.
Lunch- Some kind of vegetable curry thing (see picture below)
Supper- Sprouted Lentil Tacos with lettuce from the garden
Snack- Homemade yogurt with honey

August 2
Breakfast- Eggs and sauteed greens
Lunch- Lentil salad
Supper- Lentil salad
Snack- homemade snack balls (like a Lara bar)

August 3
Breakfast- Eggs & sourdough toast
Lunch- Hamburger patty, lentil salad topped with blue cheese
Supper- Chicken patties (made like salmon patties only with chicken), baked beans & corn roasted on the fire.
Snacks- homemade snack balls

Vegetable Rice Curry thing

Right near our property is a little stand type thing that was selling sweet corn.  Corn is one of the items that is actually a low spray item and listed on the Clean 15 as not necessary to purchase organic. However, the trouble with sweet corn (and field corn) is that much (maybe most) of it is GMO. As a result of this we usually purchase organic corn. I’ve never actually found organic corn on the cob (we do buy frozen and cans for our pantry) which means we don’t usually buy corn on the cob.  We broke our rule and purchased enough corn for supper Saturday night and for a meal back at home.  We cooked the first ears over our fire ring by leaving it in the husk and letting it steam. It was very good.  We are attempting to grow a field corn variety in our garden that is supposed to be good for eating. We did choose to purchase organic corn seeds. We aren’t sure we’ll actually end up with any corn though. We had a hail storm last week that shredded the stocks and so far there are not any ears appearing.  We’re still hopeful!

What’s growing in your garden?

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