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I’m happy to be home after working last week in Oregon. I got home just in time for a snow storm/small blizzard. Usually when the wind comes up it comes from the southwest so we have our animal shelters situated to avoid the snow blowing from that direction. This storm had snow coming from all directions. As a result our boy goats had their shelter fill up with snow.  Joe set up a spot in the garage for them using our portable pen (that we use for rotational grazing) and they are spending some time in their until the snow melts. Right now their entire shelter and pen is one big snow drift. We’ll need to do address the shelter filling up with snow problem  but I have to say the boys seem to be enjoying their mini-vacation in the garage.

A snow day is a great day to plan the garden. Joe and I finished ordering our seeds over the weekend. I’m pretty sure that we ordered waaaay more than we needed! Gardening in Wyoming is still an adventure. We’ll be here five years in May (where does the time go?) and have yet to have a wildly successful garden. Each year things do get a little better and we learn to work with what we have.  Because we’ll be moving to our new property in a year or three we continue to concentrate on annuals and experimenting with what grows best here and doesn’t cost to much to start. Our plan for our new land is to focus on perennials using permaculture principles. I’ll share more about this in the future. It is very exciting!

I’ve been somewhat grain-free since before Christmas. Over the last several weeks I’ve started adding in a few things like white rice and white potatoes (not a grain but something I’d eliminated). This week I’m going to add in white beans.  I’m starting with white beans since they are one of the beans allowed on GAPS. I’ve not been doing GAPS diet but these beans (and a few others) are considered easier to digest in the bean world. I’ll be doing an extended soak of these beans (about 36 hours with a draining/fresh water addition) and then cooking them in the crock pot. Usually when I make beans I’ll make a very large pot and we’ll have them for three (or even four) meals but with this re-introduction we’ll only have them for one meal and see how it goes. I’m hopeful it goes well. We are rapidly depleting our freezer full of meat so being able to add in beans again would be most welcome.


Sunday – An absolutely delicious hamburger and broccoli curry

Monday – Chipotle chicken thighs, butternut squash fries, sauteed cabbage

Tuesday – Fasooli, green salad with lemon dressing

Wednesday – Chuck roast, roasted potatoes (white and sweet) & carrots

Thursday – Salmon patties, mashed squash, sauteed greens

Friday – Beef stew (made with leftover roast)

Saturday – leftovers

What’s on your menu?

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