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With winter in full swing in the northern hemisphere, it seems perfectly fitting January is National Hot Tea Month! Whether snuggling under the blankets, reading by the fire, or après skiing, a hot cup of tea hits the spot. Tea is also an excellent alternative for those who are cutting down on caffeine in the new year. Whatever your reason, celebrate hot tea month with these tasty tea recipes and fun suggestions to enjoy a hot cup.

18 Tea Recipes

The history of tea dates back over 5000 years. Legend suggests tea was first discovered by the Chinese emperor Shennong. The emperor boiled his water before drinking it to ensure it was clean. One day, a dead leaf from a wild bush fell in the water. The water turned brown. The emperor, for whatever reason, tasted it and liked it. And then we had tea. Worldwide, tea is more popular than coffee!

Tea isn’t just a delicious, warming drink. It can also be medicinal. Herbal teas can be used to improve daily health, fight infection, heal injuries or illnesses, and more. Many people routinely enjoy a hot cup of chamomile to wind down after a stressful day.

Now’s a great time to kick back and enjoy a hot cup of your favorite tea or try something new from the suggestions below.


Brewing Tea

Before we jump into the variety of recipes and concoctions, let’s spend a minute discussing the art of the brew.

It seems there’s a popular debate between loose leaf and bags. Personally, I prefer loose leaf, but I do buy and use both!  Bags are available everywhere and are convenient for travel.

But the variety and flavors available, loose-leaf teas are hard to resist! Because the tea isn’t broken pieces crammed in a bag, the quality is often much higher. To steep, use a washable drawstring bag, a mesh steeping ball, or a tea stick.

My favorite infuser is a cute little yellow owl. There are all sorts of whimsical infusers available! You can even purchase disposable tea bags to fill with loose tea while traveling.

I often make my teas out of roots, barks, or berries. When using these heartier items, I make decoctions instead of infusions. Add the items to a saucepan, cover with water, let simmer for twentyish minutes, then strain. Fresh ginger root makes a wonderful decoction.

Tea, whether loose-lead or bagged, is a good addition to food storage to help add variety and medicinal benefits. Air-tight storage, such as a vacuum-sealed, will keep out moisture and aromas that may taint the flavor of the tea.

Growing your own herbs or tea varieties at home is also something to consider.

And hot tea is also a great vehicle for protein-rich collagen, gelatin, or whey.

As you browse the recipe links below, please know some may be considered “medicinal.” You should, of course, consult your physician with any questions.

18 Tea Recipes


18 Hot Tea Recipes


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Enjoy a treat with your tea!


What are your favorite hot tea recipes? Leave a comment below!

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