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Menu Plan February 10I’m very excited! I’m on the home stretch for getting all of the tax stuff together and off to the CPA for my bookkeeping job.  It is always a good feeling to be done with that and have it passed on to the CPA for her to do her thing.

My husband is going to have a busy few weeks. His co-worker is out on medical leave. Joe will be working longer shifts to cover for him. On snow days (like today) he needs to be in around 5AM for snow removal.  He’ll finish work at 7PM.  A long day for him.

This week’s dinner plan features a chuck roast and black beans. The chuck roast will be the basis for two meals, the black beans also for two meals and one meal will combine both black beans and roast.  Looking for breakfast ideas? Click here.  And here for lunch ideas. Check out the recipes on my blog here.


Menu Plan

Monday- Pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onion plus roasted beet salad (divide leftover beef up for Wednesday and Thursday dinner)

Tuesday- Easy Black Beans and Yellow rice (something like this), sauteed greens (divide up remaining black beans to use for Wednesday and Friday dinner)

Wednesday- Black Bean Rice Bowls with leftover roast beef from Monday over the yellow rice from Tuesday, spicy carrot sticks

Thursday- Curry Lo Mein Style Dinner

Friday- Black Bean Soup (based on a recipe from Nourishing Traditions), sourdough corn bread (something like this)

Saturday- Date night! I’ll make something easy for the children before we go.


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