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Design a Dish MuffinsCold and blustery today. We’re supposed to get one to two inches of snow. The weekend was so warm that we didn’t even need jackets. Interesting weather, for sure!

We have a three day weekend scheduled starting this Friday. We’re planning to go up to the new property providing snow doesn’t prevent the trip. We haven’t been up there since Labor Day weekend due to the weather being bad each time we’ve planned to go up.  The forecast does look clear, so far, so that’s good. We don’t expect it to be T-shirt weather though so are planning on taking plenty of cold weather gear and I’m planning warming foods.  I’ll take sandwich fixings and homemade soup to reheat for lunches and we’ll have hot cereal for breakfasts along with pre-made muffins. I’m excited to try out my new rocket stove when we go up this weekend.

My menu plan is rather basic. Joe’s stopping to pick up fresh produce on his way home today and I’m not entirely sure what he’ll find. So I’m only planning the main dishes and will add in sides.

Menu Plan

Sunday- out

Monday-  Venison Curry

Tuesday-  Fasooli

Wednesday- Easy Stove Top Baked Beans

Thursday- Spaghetti squash with white sauce

Friday- White Bean Soup

Saturday- Frito Boats (make and freeze chili in advance to heat up for supper, store bought [organic] chips)


What’s on your menu this week?

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