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Millie's Menu January 15, 2018

I’m very much enjoying having a menu plan. I’d forgot just how much help spending a little time planning early saves me in the end. Joe has commented many times about how great the meals have been.

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Since we’re following Trim Healthy Mama right now I’ve been experimenting with recipes I find in the THM Cookbooks and on blogs. We really enjoyed the Wipe Your Mouth BBQ (I used venison instead of chicken) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Crockpot Meals. Another winner was Sriracha Egg Salad. I liked this so much you’ll see it on this week’s menu. Such a tasty, quick and easy lunch.

Last week’s menu went very well until we had a change to our routine when a family member became ill and needed emergency surgery. The surgery, while urgent, took care of the problem and all will be well. The hospital is several hours away so we ended up staying overnight at a hotel next to the hospital while our son stayed with Sierra.

Our meals, while there, came from restaurants and the hospital cafeteria. I was pretty surprised to discover I was able to mostly stay on the THM plan.

Friday night I had Cajun white fish and shrimp with rice and asparagus (E), Saturday breakfast at the hotel was instant oatmeal with hot water only (no milk) and a small amount of peanut butter mixed in along with an apple. I am fairly confident the peanut butter amount was light enough to keep it an E. Lunch was the hospital salad bar with lots of different protein options (S) and dinner was steak and broccoli (S).

Joe and I were home on Sunday eating leftovers for breakfast and lunch then salmon with broccoli slaw and Brussels sprouts for dinner. Our son was still with Sierra.

Today, we’re heading back to the hospital to bring our family member home. We’ll have breakfast before we go and take a cooler of snacks along with us. It’s likely to be a long day and we don’t think we’ll stop anywhere to eat unless the weather prevents us from returning home. We’re expecting a snow storm and are prepared to stay the night in a hotel. My menu plan assumes we’ll be home Monday night. Our son will return home once everyone else is settled.

Last week I strayed from my menu Thursday evening when I saw we had several leftover items needing to be used up. Nothing in very large quantities but a piece or two of meat, a little burger, some veggies, etc. We ended up doing a soup and salad night. This worked out so good. I made a vegetable soup in a broth base (on my wood stove) and for the salad put out greens and assorted leftovers. Everyone topped their salad as desired. So good! I was aiming for this to be an S meal but think the carrots cooked in the soup might have pushed it over to an S Helper or maybe a Crossover. I get those confused. I’m planning a soup and salad night on this menu and will watch my carrots better.

On Sunday, this week, I’m flying to Oregon to work for a few days. Joe will take me to the airport and then drop our son off at Joe’s folks house. He’ll stay with them until I get home. I take this trip a couple of times per year. Sometimes I stay in a small apartment with a kitchen which makes meals super easy. This time I’m staying at my bosses house in their (very nice) guest room. I’ll likely have dinner with them while breakfast and lunch will be at the office. I’ll do my best to stay on THM while I’m gone but I won’t fret if I do go off plan here and there.

You’ll see letters after our meals. These are references to Trim Healthy Mama meals which is a huge help in balancing my hormones and working on the middle age spread that has hit both Joe and me.

Our schedule; Monday through Friday my husband works a split shift. He works several hours early morning then comes home for breakfast about 8:45. He leaves again around 11 am and returns at the end of his day around 5:30. We have breakfast together, our son and I eat a light lunch early afternoon, and we all enjoy dinner together. Because Joe’s been up working for several hours our breakfast often looks more like a lunch or dinner. He takes snack foods for lunch such as boiled eggs, cheese, cooked meats.

Note: THM separates fuels so we don’t eat carbs (E meals) with fats (S meals). Our son doesn’t need to lose weight or balance his hormones. While he eats the same meals as we do his become Crossover (XO) meals by adding additional healthy fats to E meals and helpful carbs to S meals.


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains
Lunch and Dinner: cooler of snacks; hard boiled eggs,  jerky, string cheese, chicken salad (made with meat to be E), apples


Breakfast: Venison steak and eggs with sauteed kale (S)
Lunch: Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Quick Single Salads
Dinner: Chicken thighs with a BIG salad (S)


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheese and kale (S)
Lunch: Sriracha Egg Salad (S)
Dinner: Burrito Bowl (E)


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains
Lunch: Sriracha Egg Salad (S)
Dinner: Sushi (E — with lean fish and plenty of veggies. I’ll skip the cream cheese and avocado but J & C will enjoy these as an XO)


Breakfast: Egg white omelet (E)
Lunch: Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup with chicken (S)  from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Quick Single Soups
Dinner: Soup and Salad (S)


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Steel Cut Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains
Lunch: Scrambled eggs with cheese and whatever veggies are available
Dinner: Dreamy Chicken Lazone over sauteed cabbage (for Joe and me, potato for C)  (S) from Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Table Speedy Skillet Meals


Brunch: Out on the way to the airport
Dinner: I’m leaving on a jet plane….

What’s on your menu?

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