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Are you counting the days until you harvest your May produce? For those of you enjoying fresh veggies either from the garden, the farmers’ market, or inexpensive from your local grocery store, I’ve put together a few of the popular vegetables and fruits you may be picking this month and my favorite ways to cook them.

What to Cook With Your May Produce

A great way to stretch your food dollars is to purchase fruits, vegetables, and even protein in-season or to (frugally) grow your own. If you’re in an area where you started your garden several weeks or months ago, you may be harvesting now. If you’re in Zone 4b, like me, harvest is still weeks—ahem, months—away. Even so, I’m picking up items in the grocery store when they’re at rock-bottom prices.

Last year, I did a Preserving Your Harvest series. This focused on popular fruits and vegetables harvested each month—May through October—and the best ways to preserve each of them. Here are my favorite ways to preserve May produce so I can enjoy them year-round.

This year, I’ll be giving you delicious, nourishing recipes for cooking with your harvest each month!


What to Cook With Your May Produce


20 Mouthwatering Asparagus Recipes




What to Cook with May Produce - Spinach














Useful Tools for Home Cooking


Useful Tools for Home Cooking


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What are you planning to do with your May produce? Leave a comment below!

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