Menu Week of April 24

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After a break from blogging and my 13 Week Rotating Menu plan, I’m back at both. Last week was an on purpose break unlike the previous week which was due to my lack of organization (you ever have days/weeks like that?). The challenge last week was having to figure out our meals since it wasn’t already done for me. It worked out okay though, especially since we were gone to Joe’s folks house from Friday morning until late Sunday 🙂 It was nice to have someone else do the planning and the cooking.

Spring in Wyoming is almost here (I think). Last week we had a couple of cold days and even a bit of snow but we’ve also had some days in the 50’s. Of course, there are still many mornings that we are scraping the ice off the windshield. I have a few early things in the garden- peas, onions and potatoes- and look forward to planning more as soon as the weather permits it. Our last frost isn’t until June 8 so I still have some time. Joe is building me a very small green house that I’m planning to get some lettuce in soon. If only the wind would cooperate. That plastic stuff and the wind are not a good combination.

We are on Week 2 of our Rotating Menu which means Pinto Beans are the Stretchy Bean for the week. Breakfasts and Lunches will be from our list plan.

D- Pasta with a tomato/coconut cream sauce. Turned out quite good!
D- Creamed Tuna over Rice, sauerkraut
D- Pinto Beans, Rice, Sauteed Cabbage, Bucket Bread
D- Bean and cheese burritos (sourdough tortillas), Cortido, Spicy Carrots
D- Seven Layer Tortilla Pie, Corn and Tomato Salad
D- Roasted Chicken, sides to be determined
D-Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Photo Credit: StarbuckGuy on Flickr

Millie Copper
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